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Why ChocoWhey™ by Defense Nutrition?

Until now, you could not enjoy eating chocolate to your heart without subjecting yourself to undesirable weight gain and serious health risks. The reason: virtually all chocolates are made with sugar fat - a combination known to cause insulin resistance and affect the body's ability to manage weight.

ChocoWhey™ is a unique chocolate with a high protein content, no sugar added and a remarkably delicious taste, designed for safe and healthy consumption without side effects.

ChocoWhey™ is the only chocolate made from premium whey and the finest cacao beans, to yield the world’s most nutritious chocolate treat. Having the highest ORAC (antioxidant capacity) and superfood qualities, it has unmatched potential to nourish your body and satisfy cravings without disrupting your health.

Now Available in Vegan!

ChocoVegan™ incorporates the same health benefits into our exclusive, never-before-seen vegan formula! Made with raw premium chocolate and no sugar added, this new delicious vegan treat has no equal, either in nutrition or taste.

ChocoWhey™ is a remarkably delicious, hand crafted artisan whey chocolate – a perfect fit for people who care about their bodies. It is made from specially harvested cacao beans and non-denatured pasture-fed cows’ whey protein, to yield the world’s healthiest chocolate. Combining the properties of chocolate and whey, it delivers wholesome nutrients that boost energy, fuel the immune system, support the muscle, and nourish the brain, while promoting pleasure and satiety.

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Success Stories

"The ChocoWhey™ nuggets are a great pick-me-up mid-afteroon. It is not sweet and you really get a burst of dark chocolate. It is not as smooth as eating non-whey dark chocolate, but that doesn't bother me."
- Jeanene Caccopola

"This was a great product. The taste was so rich and fulfilling. More importantly, there was no sense of guilt afterwards. I will be returning soon."
- Enkelejda

"I like it a lot. I especially like it not being flavored. The shipping was so fast!"
- Murray

"It was wonderful!! Love it and it feels light in my stomach. Quick delivery and is a highly quality product."
- Caitlyn Zimmerman